Carbonated Water and me

Carbonated water relieves in the symptoms of stomach pains and constipation.

This is something that I had to learn the hard way which is usually how I learn all my lessons.

The main symptom of stomach problems that I have is feeling bloated or fullness in the upper abdominal region after overeating and overeating is something I do a lot.  I normally just suffer until I started working for a man who would always take water and baking soda whenever he had these symptoms.  One day, I was really miserable, so I tried his remedy and after a short while, I felt much, much better.

So, I did some research to learn why this works so well.  This was long before antacid medications were sold over the counter (OTC) and also long before people could run to the doctor with every ache, pain or stomach problem.  Basically adding baking soda with water produces carbon dioxide gas with bubbles and somehow the bubbles and the ingredients form a solution that aids the movement of the digestive tract, relieving some of the problems from overeating – that bloated feeling goes away.

This adding baking soda and water actually forms carbonated water which has been used for years to treat digestive complaints, yet no research exists if it is effective or how it works. I did find some information about studies showing that both the bubbles of carbon dioxide and the presence of high minerals can stimulate the digestive process. This is basically what I was making with baking soda and water.  There was no other information on whether it is the mineral-rich carbonate water or the bubbles that are more effective.

I found some suggestions for stopping these problems before they develop, such as avoiding foods that cause you stomach problems, eating smaller meals, reduce eating a lot of fat, and if you smoke, stop as soon as possible.  Also everyone should drink a healthy amount of fluids to maintain movement of your GI tract and stop constipation.

I read about some devices to make homemade carbonated water, which you can use for drinking.  By adding a number of flavors, this seems to be a great option for drinks instead of regular soda pop, especially if you want to avoid the calories.If you are able to make this homemade drink with water containing rich minerals, then you have made a low calorie and healthy drink too which is called sparkling water that is good for the members of your family.A big variety of calorie free flavors to flavor sparkling water to great taste is sold at

But, the information that I do know from personal experience is that carbonated water does help when you have overeaten and are at work for the rest of the day and are absolutely miserable.

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